Kessil LED Grow Light (H150)

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Kessil LED Grow Light

The spectral revolution is here! Kessil LED grow lights are transforming the indoor lighting world. Using the patented Dense Matrix LED platform, H150 effectively delivers penetrating and spectrum specific light directly onto targeted plants.

H150 Purple
General Purpose. A special penta-band recipe that combines five different types of red and blue LED chips to create a spectrum that works for every stage of plant growth.

H150 Magenta
Flowering Emphasis. This unique spectrum blends four different types of LED chips together and is ideal for the flowering stages of growth.

H150 Red
Bloom Booster. A powerful bloom booster, the RED model is created to work alongside any grow light system during the blooming and fruiting phases of plant growth.

H150 Blue
Vegetation Enhancer. Use this one-of-a-kind LED grow light to supplement the blue spectrum at any time to keep plants healthy and strong.

Owner’s Manual – PDF format