HydroHut 4 x 4

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HydroHut Indoor Grow Room (4 x 4) 1

The next generation of indoor grow rooms! The Silver Edition HydroHut 4 x 4 is an easy choice over the competition. Better flaps around the door and the windows using Velcro® insure it is light-tight, steel poles and corners for added strength, higher quality outer material that won’t rip, more sewing and material in crucial areas to help protect stress points, and more ventable air ducts to do as you wish. Fits ALL 4 x 4 grow trays.

Perfect for use with T-5 fluorescent fixtures, compact fluorescents or high intensity discharge (HID) grow lights (suggested light wattage – 600w or 1000w).

Unique Features:
• Sturdy flaps around the door and windows
• Velcro insures that they are light-tight
• Steel poles (16 mm ) and corners for added strength
• High quality outer material — will NOT rip!
• More sewing and material in crucial areas
• More air vents (3) and electrical ports (4), plus side windows (2)
• Built-in flanges will accommodate ducting from 4 to 8-inches
• Maximum ceiling capacity 125 lbs

Size: 55″ x 55″ x 84.5″ tall

Assembly Directions – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
This portable indoor greenhouse can be used to grow, bloom, clone or as a plant infirmary or nursery. The choice is all yours giving you complete control over your indoor garden and its environment.