Hydrofarm Special (Ballast & Bulb)

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Hydrofarm Light Special (Ballast & Bulb)

Super Savings! Take advantage of Hydrofarm’s Ballast & Bulb Grow Light Special and save big! This exclusive offer includes a 1000W Phantom 2 E-Ballast and matching Digilux HPS Lamp. Heck, we’ll even throw in one of Hydrofarm’s super handy USB car charges for FREE!

Available in 600W and 1000W only.

Phantom 2 Digital BallastBuilt for top performance & reliability! The Phantom 2 features silent operation, lightweight design, multiple placement options and maximum lumen output. Saves energy with a unique tri-mode dimmable micro-processor.

Digilux HPS Lamp – The best choice for enhanced flowering, increased crop volume and supplemental greenhouse lighting. Not only will Digilux produce bigger and better flowers, but it will do it quicker than common HPS bulbs.