Perlite (Fine)

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Lightweight, non-toxic & pH neutral. Supreme Perlite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock. When heated, it “pops” and expands up to 15 times its original volume. The resulting particles have a porous, irregular surface that helps keep potting soil lightweight and open. This allows air and moisture to access plant roots and provides holding capacity for water and nutrients.

Uses for Perlite:
• Propagation of Seedlings & Cuttings
• Soil Conditioning
• Hydroponics
• Roof Deck Gardens
• Nursery Stock
• Hanging Baskets

Available size: 4.0 cu ft Bag

Note: This sterile media contains NO nutrients. When added to gardens, it changes the soil’s structure, or tilth. Clay soils tend to drain better while sandy, dry soils retain more moisture. Perlite amended gardens are also easier to maintain — tilling and weeding is a snap!