Light Controller (HLC-3e)

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The C.A.P. HID Lighting Controller protects your grow room from overheating and your light from a “hot start.” A hot start occurs whenever your lights are turned off and then back on before the lamps are allowed to cool off.

The controller constantly monitors your garden temperature. If it exceeds the temperature that you have set, the HLC-3e turns off your lights so that crop damage will not occur.

It then turns on the “Temp Exceeded” light to let you know that an overheating situation occurred. When the temperature returns to normal, it will turn your lights back on.

The HLC-3e will also monitor the power going to your light. In the event of a power failure, it will not allow the light to restart until 15 minutes after the power is restored. This prevents bulb damage and increases bulb life. Includes a 15′ remote temperature sensor.

Rated for 15 amps @ 120 volts. Includes a 5-year manufacturer’s no hassle warranty. Made in the USA.

Instruction Manual – PDF format