Gro’Chek TDS Meter (HI 983301N)

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TDS Meter w/ Probe

Gro'Chek TDS Meter (HI 983301N) 1

Easy to use, just hang the Gro’Chek TDS Meter (with 0.7 TDS Conversion Factor) above the sample to be monitored or take it with you for on-site measurements. The probe, built for horticulture and hydroponics applications, compensates for temperature variations automatically, is very stable and requires little maintenance.

Ideally suited for indoor growers, this water-resistant TDS meter features housing and cable connections that have been sealed against vapor and high humidity conditions. In addition, false readings due to low batteries as well as frequent battery changes are NO longer an issue with the HI 983301N as it includes a 12-volt power supply.

Instruction Manual – PDF format

The Gro’Chek TDS Meter ships complete with a low-maintenance probe (0 to 1990 ppm – mg/L), 12-volt adapter, 1500 ppm calibration solution (20 mL), a calibration screwdriver and complete instructions.

Warranty: 2-years (six months on electrode).