Gentle Dragon

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Gentle Dragon Intestinal Cleanser 1

In nature, dogs and cats seek out grass and other fresh greens when troubled by worms and stomach ailments. Gentle Dragon is an effective herbal blend that can be used as a weekly supplement to refresh and cleanse your pet’s insides.

Available for cats in a 20 tablet container.

Ingredients: Senna, fennel, myrrh, nettle, hyssop, white oak bark and dandelion.

Weekly Supplement: Add one-half to a whole caplet to your pet’s diet once a week.


Step 1: Prior to serving, no solid or liquid food should be given to your pet for a full 12 hours. Provide water.

Step 2: After 12 hours, measure out 1 caplet for each 10 pounds of body weight. If your pet is difficult to pill, you may coat the caplet with vegetable oil for easier swallowing. For difficult pets, mix with a small portion of your pet’s favorite food or a special treat. Serve this mixture and make sure the whole amount is consumed.

Step 3: For best results, do not feed your pet any solid or liquid food for another 12 hours. Do provide water.

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