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Earth Maker Composter

Produces 10 gallons of compost every month! The EarthMaker is the world’s first continuous composter. Easy to use, just add garden and food waste to the top chamber and remove quality compost from the bottom chamber — gravity does all the hard work! Material aerates and degrades as it slowly falls through the 3-chamber system.

Unique Features:
• An easy, green way to deal with organic waste
• Easy to assemble – NO tools required!
• Keeps fresh waste and finished compost separate
• Made of injection-molded plastic
• Heat draws air up through the chambers — reducing odors and flies
• Takes the hard work out of home composting
• Large openings make it easy to add waste and remove compost
• Capacity: 16.5 cubic feet (123 gallons)

Size: 30″ diameter x 47″ tall - 36 lbs.

Owner’s Manual – PDF format
Continuous Cycle Composting – PDF format

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