CO2 Regulator (REG-2)

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Dual Tank CO2 Regulator (REG-2) 1

CAP’s Dual Tank CO2 Regulator assembly combines a precision regulator/ flow gauge and an industrial solenoid valve.

The REG-2 also comes with the tubing needed to disperse the CO2 evenly throughout your room by attaching the tubing to the back of an oscillating fan for even dispersion.

Unique Features:
• Designed to work with any control device that is 120-volt
• Includes a pressure gauge to indicate remaining tank pressure
• Ships complete with a solenoid valve, 6′ power cord and 10′ of 1/4″ air line
• Connect TWO tanks to prolong time between changing tanks

The unique ability to connect the REG-2 to TWO tanks of compressed CO2 allows double the run time before changing out the tanks. The flow gauge can be set from .5 to 15 cubic feet per hour.

Includes a 3-year manufacturer’s no hassle warranty. Made in the USA.

Instruction Manual – PDF format