Dill, Bouquet

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Dill Herb, Bouquet
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Easy to grow and very aromatic! Bouquet Dill is a classic heirloom herb used to flavor many foods, including lamb chops, grilled salmon, soups and omelets. Large seed heads provide food in the form of pollen and nectar for many beneficial insects. Great in pickles too! 40-60 days. (Annual) Learn more about Growing Dill here.

Each packet contains approximately 300 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Plants grow vigorously and will readily volunteer each year. Sow seeds outdoors — just below the soil surface — early in the spring when the ground has warmed. Thin seedlings 12- to 18-inches apart in rows or beds. Appreciates full sun and well drained, rather poor soil for best flavor.

Begin harvesting the fern-like leaves 8 to 10 weeks after planting. Cut close to the stem. Use shortly after harvest — flavor is lost quickly! Collect seed later in the season as the flower heads mature.

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