Recycling Timer (DRT-1a)

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Sentinel DRT-1a

With down-to-the-second precision, the Sentinel DRT-1A is designed to control any device that requires a repeating or recycling function. Growers in rockwool, coco, soil or aeroponic growing environments are provided incredible flexibility with a 96 hour mode for timed events on 1 – 4 day intervals. The built in photocell permits separate settings for day and night.

• To-the-second accuracy in Daytime only, Nighttime only, or Continuous mode
• Controls timed ventilation cycles, custom photoperiods, CO2 systems, and more
• Safe for garden, home (and the planet) by being RoHS Compliant
• Easy to use interface
• Plant-friendly green display
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Instruction Manual – PDF format

The DRT-1A is the most advanced single outlet timer available for the horticultural industry.