MICRO (6-0-0)

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Cutting Edge Solutions MICRO 1

Developed through extensive trial and error throughout Northern California, Cutting Edge Solutions’ 3-Part hydroponic nutrients are:

• Easy to use
• Proven to produce quality results
• pH stable
• Effective for a variety of plants

Trust Cutting Edge Solutions to bring you 3-Part GROW (2-1-6), MICRO (6-0-0), and BLOOM (0-6-5) formulas that we believe in, and stand firmly behind.

Available size: 6 gallon


Fill your reservoir to the desired amount. Always measure carefully. We recommend the use of a millimeters measuring cup. To avoid nutrient lock-up, the MICRO must be added to water first. Stir well then add the BLOOM or GROW.

After the nutrients are mixed, adjust the pH to between 5.0 – 6.5. Keep the water warm, between 68° and 75°F. Cold water may shock the root systems. Always aerate your tanks.

Top-up reservoirs with fresh water as evaporation occurs and adjust pH accordingly. Do NOT add additional nutrient to a prepared reservoir. Dump and replace reservoirs every 1-2 weeks. Clean pumps and tanks regularly to avoid build-up of salts.

Brochure & Feeding Charts (PDF)

Ingredients: Sodium molybdate, calcium nitrate, zinc nitrate, boric acid, cobalt sulfate, calcium carbonate, manganese EDTA, iron EDDHA and Iron DPTA.