Dragon’s Egg

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Cucumber, Dragon's Egg
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This beautiful, cream-colored heirloom is about the size and shape of a large egg! Mild, bitter-free and sweet-tasting, this little cucumber produces massive yields. So fun to grow, and very unique-looking; great for children. This new favorite was sent to us by Reinhard Kraft, a German seed collector, but this heirloom originated in Croatia. (65 days)

Each packet contains approximately 12 seeds.

Planting Instructions:
Best direct-seeded at about the time of last frost, but can be started earlier as transplants, provided the seedlings do NOT become root bound.

Cucumbers are heavy feeders and thrive in rich soil full of organic matter. They can be trellised if desired. Afternoon shade is helpful in very hot areas. Supply plenty of moisture and keep mature fruit picked.

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