Stowell’s Evergreen (Baker Creek)

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Corn, Stowell's Evergreen (Baker Creek) 1
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One of the oldest sweet corn varieties that is still in production, predating 1949. Stowell’s Evergreen is a favorite, producing tasty white kernels. The plants used to be pulled up when completely ripe and hung upside-down in a cool pantry; the ears would last well into the winter, in a semi-fresh state. (90 days)

Each packet contains approximately 125 seeds.

Planting Instructions:
Direct-seed into rich soil, 1-2 inches deep, at about the time of last frost in spring. Whether planted in rows or beds, allow about one square foot per plant on average. Pick sweet corn when milky juice fills the kernels; clear juice is immature and chewiness means the ear is over-mature.

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