CO2 Regulator (CO2-REG)

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CO2 Regulator (CO2-REG) 1

Compressed CO2 comes in pressurized tanks or cylinders. The gas pressure must be reduced and controlled in order to accurately release CO2 into the growing area.

Sentinel’s CO2 Regulator reduces the pressure of the gas exiting the tank, controls the flow of CO2 with a solenoid valve and regulates the amount of CO2 being released with a precision flow-gauge. Ships complete with everything you need to make using compressed CO2 easy.

Unique Features:
• Connects to 20 lb or 50 lb CO2 tanks
• Controls the flow of CO2 and regulates the amount of CO2 with a precision flow gauge that can be set from 1/2 to 15 SCFH (standard cubic feet per hour).
• Easy to read and understand Color Coded pressure gauge.
• The 120 volt solenoid is pre-wired with a 6-foot power cord to connect to a controller or timer.
• When used with the optional CO2 EXP more than 1 tank can be coupled together to extend the time between tank changes.
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Instruction Manual – PDF format