CO2 Controller (CPPM-4)

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CO2 PPM Controller (CPPM-4) 1

Are you “guessing” what CO2 level you really have? The Sentinel CPPM-4 CO2 Controller eliminates guesswork while it controls your carbon dioxide levels with Part-per-million accuracy. It uses a CO2 sensor that is extremely accurate and features a ten-year life expectancy. Sentinel’s combination CO2 & light level sensor is housed in a separate remote sensor enclosure that can be located up to 100 feet from the controller (standard 16 foot cable).

Unique Features:
• One touch calibration of the CO2 sensor.
• Simple push buttons to enter desired PPM settings and display the current CO2 PPM readings.
• Easy to read LED display.
• Can be operated in “Fuzzy Logic” mode for compressed CO2 or On/Off for CO2 generators.
• Optional 12 volt DC adapter allows for coordination with other controllers like the EVC-2.
• CO2 receptacle to connect CO2 generator or 120 volt compressed CO2 solenoid / regulator assembly.
• The 12 volt power supply connects to any temperature controller so that the CO2 devise will be disabled when the fan is on.
• Remote CO2 and light level sensor can be positioned inside the area and the CPPM-4 outside of the area.
• Comes with 15 ft. cable
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

As with the other controllers from Sentinel, the CPPM-4 features an easy to read LED display and simple push buttons to enter the desired PPM settings and to display the current CO2 PPM reading. The unit can also be connected to other controllers so that the CO2 is disabled (useful when operating exhaust fans). It can be operated in Fuzzy-logic mode (for compressed CO2), or ON-OFF (for CO2 generators). The unit offers many other features… too many to list! This is the one…