CO2 Monitor & Controller (PPM-4)

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CO2 Monitor & Controller (PPM-4) 1

Simple and affordable! The C.A.P. PPM-4 makes it easy for indoor gardeners to monitor and control CO2 dispersal throughout a growing area. The simplicity of this unit will make it attractive to both the beginning hobbyist and the seasoned grower.

Operating the PPM-4 is as easy as mounting the meter to the wall, plugging the meter into the power interface and plugging in your CO2 generator or regulator. Features a highly visible LED display to let you know generalized CO2 levels at a glance from across the room.

The PPM-4 controller has been factory programmed to provide an optimum CO2 maximum control set point of 1400 PPM. When levels are below 1400 PPM, the plug-in controller will power the CO2 generation source. When levels exceed 1450 PPM the controller will deactivate power at the plug-in controller.

Includes a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Grower’s Tip:
In most greenhouse operations CO2 is only generated when the plants are exposed to light. As a result, you may want to also include a timer with your setup. If using natural light, or a timer used to activate lighting, the plug in controller should be installed after the timer so that constant power is provided to the timer.