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CO2 Boost 1

Just say NO to ppm monitors, generators & heavy tanks! CO2 Boost uses gas created from mushroom and compost production to slowly but consistently provide a steady stream of CO2 for a full 90-days. Just plug in the air pump (included) and watch as your plant’s health and size increase daily! Great for any size room, because it’s distributed directly to your plants. It’s a completely organic and natural way to double your harvests. Completely odorless. Includes 6-feet of air tubing. Replacement buckets are available.

Set-Up and Instructions – PDF format

(Shipped FREE when ordered with any Co2Boost Bucket)

Spray Kit
Now you can personalize your Co2Boost to fit any garden size or shape you prefer. Simply cut your hose and create as many different Co2 outlets and shapes necessary to fit your needs. Kits include either 25-feet of hose and 10 “T” connectors or 50-feet of hose and 20 “T” connectors.

Grower’s Tip:
First time buyers need to purchase the Co2Boost Bucket & Pump. If used properly, the bucket will produce anywhere from 3000-5000 ppms of consistent CO2 flow and will need to be replaced after 90 days. The pump does not need to be replaced and is compatible with all buckets.

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