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Clover Sprouting Seed 1

Certified Organic. Similar to alfalfa sprouts — but with a milder taste — Red Clover Sprouts are a tasty addition to any sandwich or salad. These nutritious, micro-greens are high in protein, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, iron and calcium. Use TWO Tbsp. of seed to yield approximately FOUR cups of clover sprouts. Packaged in convenient resealable bags.

Unique Features:
• 100% certified USDA Organic
• High germination rate
• Non-GMO
• Contains isoflavones — known for their anti-cancer properties
• Available in TWO sizes: (4 oz and 8 oz)

Soak 6-8 hours using 4 parts warm water to 1 part seed. Rinse and drain. Spread evenly in sprouting container and keep in a dark growing area for 2-3 days. Sprouts MUST be RINSED and DRAINED 2-3 times per day during this period. Expose to sunlight on the 3rd day to develop chlorophyll. Rinse away hulls by immersing in cool water, let hulls float to the surface, and skim off. Store sprouts in the refridgerator using an airtight container.