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Citra Dish Automatic Dishwasher Gel 1

All-in-one formula leaves dishes sparkling clean! Citra Dish Automatic Dishwasher Gel with fresh grapefruit awakens the senses. Enjoy its sparkling essence and be transported to a sun-kissed citrus grove every time you run your dishwasher.

Like all quality products from CitraSolv, Citra Dish is derived from natural, biodegradable, renewable resources. Will NOT sacrifice performance or the environment.

Unique Features:
• Made with real essential oils & renewable resources
• Contains NO synthetic perfumes or dyes
• Contains NO phosphates, EDTA or NTA
SAFE for septic systems
• Cruelty-free and vegan
• 100% biodegradable
• Chlorine bleach-free — NO toxic household fumes

Available size: 75 oz (2.13 kg) Squeeze Bottle


Step 1: Load Properly – Soiled items should face direction of spray. Do NOT block spray to top rack.

Step 2: Check Flatware – Separate stainless steel from silver. Check to be sure items are dishwasher safe.

Step 3: Fill Properly – Fill both detergent cups. For hard water, use extra detergent.

Step 4: Temperature – Make sure water is hot enough to activate detergent. 150-160° F. is preferred.

Ingredients: Water, wetting agent (biodegradable low foam surfactant), water softener (sodium citrate), alkali booster, dishwasher and china protection agent (sodium silicate), spot prevention (sodium polyacrylate), thickening agent (xanthan gum) and essential oil blend.

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