Green Macerata

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Cauliflower, Green Macerata 1
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A delicious Italian cauliflower with 2 pound apple-green heads that are delicious cooked or raw in salads. Very attractive, vigorous plants produce relatively early. (60-85 days)

Each packet contains approximately 200 seeds.

Planting Instructions:
Start seeds 4-6 weeks prior to desired transplanting date. Seedlings need bright artificial light or full sun; a cold frame is ideal. Set plants out 4 weeks prior to last frost date in the spring or 4-6 weeks before first frost when fall-planting. Plants need rich soil and abundant moisture to produce well. After the main head is harvested, plants often produce smaller florets over a long season. Always harvest broccoli just before flowers open. Spring plantings often bolt to seed in hot summer weather.

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