C.A.P. CO2 Generator (GEN-1)

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Operates up to 100° F cooler than other brands! The C.A.P. GEN-1 CO2 Generator is constructed with a powder coated steel enclosure that resists moisture, rust and discoloration.

Comes complete with a low-pressure, in-line natural gas (NG) regulator or the new Type1 style “no-tool-required” propane (LP) regulator that makes tank replacement easy.

Features a two-stage safety pilot valve, which will not allow fuel to flow to the burner unless the pilot is lit, and a standard tip-switch that will shut down the fuel to the main burner in the event the unit falls or tips over.

Manufactured in the USA using only AGA and/or UL listed components. 5-year no hassle warranty.

The GEN-1 is capable of producing between 3 and 13 cubic feet of CO2 per hour and is recommended for small to medium size areas up to 15′ x 15′. It comes standard with one burner, producing approximately 3 cubic feet per hour.

The GEN-1e has a pilot-less electronic ignition, instead of the traditional “pilot light,” and comes standard with 2 burners, producing approximately 6 cubic feet of CO2 per hour.

Both units can be expanded to a maximum of 4 burners (sold separately), increasing their capacity up to approximately 13 cubic feet of CO2 per hour (each burner increases the CO2 generating capacity by approximately 3 cubic feet per hour).

Size: 17″ H x 11″ W x 8.5″ D

GEN-1 Instruction Manual – PDF format
GEN-1e Instruction Manual – PDF format

Note: Special high altitude burners (above 3,500′) are available, please ask.