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Bulldog Original Face Scrub 1

We firmly believe that scrubbing isn’t a chore: it’s a talent. Bulldog Face Scrub was developed to remove dead and dried skin and promote new skin cell growth.

Designed specifically for men and packed with 8 essential oils, this face scrub is the ideal exfoliator.

Available size: 3.3 oz Tube

Key Ingredients:
Pumice – This volcanic rock provides the small scrub particles in the face scrub.
Coconut Shell – Ground shell provides the larger exfoliating scrub particles.
Rose-hip Oil – Renowned for its nourishing and soothing properties, this helps with exfoliated skin.
Shea Butter – A slightly yellowish or ivory-colored natural fat, it is an excellent natural moisturizer.

Skincare Tips:
Exfoliation effectively cleans the pores of your skin, reducing skin irritation and pimples and leaving your skin with a healthy glow. It even makes shaving easier, which is the single best reason for men to give it a try.

Do NOT over-exfoliate. Two to three times a week is plenty.

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