Bio Green Clean

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Bio Green Clean 1

The world’s toughest all-natural cleaner! Bio Green Clean is the most effective, yet the safest multipurpose cleaning product ever produced. Strong enough to tackle the toilet, gentle enough for babies toys.

This NON-TOXIC and 100% BIODEGRADABLE formula will handle all of your tough household jobs — with NO harsh chemicals! Industrial strength concentrate can be used undiluted for difficult jobs, or diluted up to 31:1 for light work.

Unique Features:
• Highly concentrated
• Dramatically reduces cleaning time
• Replaces harmful and ineffective chemical cleaners
• Removes grease, oil, dirt, nutrient/ salts build-up, algae, etc.
• Leaves trays, reservoirs, pumps, tubing — your entire growing area spotless!

Ingredients: Purified water, amino acids, minerals and other ingredients derived from leafy green, edible and seed-bearing plants.

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