Better Naturally (7-2-1)

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40 lb. Bag

Better Naturally All Organic Fertilizer 1

Safe for people, pets and the planet. Better Naturally Organic Plant Food contains beneficial microbes, mycorrhizal fungi and humates that nourish turf, flowers and vegetables, plus slow-release nutrients that allow your plants maximum nutrient uptake with minimal leaching. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

Made from organic and natural ingredients, Better Naturally helps you help your lawn and garden, creating:

Better Soil Health – Beneficial microbes are nature’s way of maintaining healthy soil. Without them, your soil’s fertility will deteriorate no matter how much fertilizer you add to it.

Better Naturally is chock-full of beneficial microbes, mycorrhizal fungi, humates and essential nutrients to help build rich, fertile soil.

Better Results – Plants need more than just nutrients to grow. The ingredients in Better Naturally promote healthy root structures and provides the strength to resist pests and disease. Also, contains the mineral iron to improve photosynthetic activity — your plants and lawn will be greener!

Better Water Savings – When your soil is compacted, it’s challenging for air, nutrients and water to penetrate through. This leads to water runoff, nutrient leaching and a lack of soil biodiversity.

Better Naturally incorporates humates that physically modify your soil’s structure and texture. As the soil becomes looser and richer, more air circulates through it and your plants are better able to absorb water through their roots. Stronger, healthier roots improve your lawn and garden’s water holding capacity.

Treat as directed — thorough coverage is important.

Containers – Topdress 1 to 1-1/2 oz per gallon of soil or incorporate 6 to 17 lbs per cubic yard of growing media.

Flower & Vegetable Gardens – Apply 10 to 25 lbs per 1,000 square feet at planting then broadcast additional fertilizer after plants are well established.

Turf – Apply anytime of year with THREE annual feedings — each 40 lb bag treats 3,500 square feet.

Ingredients: Composted, heat processed poultry manure, feather meal and sulfate of potash.

Also contains non-plant food ingredients: 2.0% Humic acid (derived from leonardite).