Bed Bug Alert

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Bed Bug Alert

Detect bedbugs before they bite! Bed Bug Alert is a clear, safe rigid plastic monitoring device that slips between mattress and frame, or any place you want to keep safe. The proprietary gel attracts and traps bedbugs if they are present. Each trap lasts up to 6 months in a clean environment.

Unique Features:
• Proprietary gel actively lures and traps bedbugs
• Attracts both adult bedbugs and 2nd instar nymphs
• Clear viewing window makes inspection simple
• Discreet — slips under the mattress, or into other tight spaces where bedbugs hide
• Sturdy construction prevents the monitor from being crushed

Available size: 2-Pack


Step 1: Simply insert the monitoring device between mattress and box spring in the corners at the head of the bed — or into any crevice in any suspected area.

Step 2: Check daily and discard if pests are found.

Step 3: If pests are present, take action to control and eliminate infestation immediately.

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