AgroSun Tubes

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AgroSun Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes 1

Recommended for seedlings, cuttings and low-light plants like African violets, AgroSun Fluorescent Tubes promote fast growth and increase sprouting success. Brightens any room and helps chase away those winter blues, too!

Ordinary fluorescent lights do not provide the complete spectral quality. Full daylight 5850k spectrum, rated for 24,0000 hours of life, and compatible with standard shop lights. Up to 20% brighter than other grow tubes!

Available Sizes:
24″ Tubes – 20 Watt – 975 Initial Lumens
48″ Tubes – 40 Watt – 2450 Initial Lumens

Grower’s Tip:
Fluorescent tubes are ideal for starting seeds and cloning because the light is delivered evenly over a long area and the bulbs do NOT produce much heat.

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