Advanced Nutrients Professional Bundle

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Professional Bundle

Advanced Nutrients Professional Bundle 1

Blowout Sale! Offer good while supplies last. The perfect starting place for serious growers with a good level of cropping experience and growers moving up from the Expert Grower Level. The Professional Bundle is part of the pH Perfect Bigger Yields Flowering System and includes THREE additional Advanced Nutrients bio-enhancers (1 liter each) over the Expert Grower Level. It will increase plant yields an average of 33% over the Hobbyist Level.

Tarantula – Contains just under 10 million viable beneficial bacteria per gram, making it by far the strongest liquid microbial root colonizer available.

Nirvana – A 100% natural bloom biostimulant that promotes bigger flowers and outperforms most synthetic flower boosters on the market.

Sensizym – Contains more than 80 enzymes to break down dead root mass, starches, carbohydrates and nutrients. Will also stimulate microflora in the root zone.

Each part of the Advanced Nutrients Bigger Yields Flowering System stacks on top of the previous bundle. For example, if you feel the Professional Grow System is best for your skill level you will be using additives from both the Hobbyist Bundle and the Expert Bundle along with additives from the Professional Bundle. Of course, you will also need to select a pH Perfect Base Nutrient to go with it (Grow-Bloom-Micro, Sensi Grow-Bloom or Connoisseur). Bundle boxes do NOT contain base nutrients.

Feeding charts provided with each bundle box have been developed and refined to give crops optimal nutrient levels and ratios for massive yields every single time. Just add 4 ml per liter of the base nutrients (sold separately) and then 2 ml per liter of the additives customized for and included in each grower bundle.

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