Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle

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Hobbyist Bundle

Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle 1

Buy 3… Get 1 FREE! The perfect starting place for new growers or for growers accustomed to basic fertilizer programs with some use of yield boosters. The Hobbyist Bundle Box is part of the pH Perfect Bigger Yields Flowering System and includes (1 liter each):

Voodoo Juice – Contains 5 strains of beneficial bacteria to promote bigger root systems that can support the demands of high producing crops.

Big Bud – Provides the essential elements that not only help in the development of buds but are known to both increase their size and quality.

B-52 – Includes the widest range of immediately available vitamins so plants grow strong, resist stress and disease and produce bigger harvests.

Overdrive – Supplies ripening plants with the ingredients necessary to maintain flower maturation, flower growth and overall vigor.

Pick the pH Perfect base nutrients you want to use (Grow-Bloom-Micro or Sensi Grow-Bloom) and start with the Hobbyist Level Bundle box. Later you can decide if you want to move up to the next level by adding the Expert Grower Level, the Professional Grower Level or the Grand Master Grower Level bundle boxes.

Feeding charts provided with each bundle box have been developed and refined to give crops optimal nutrient levels and ratios for massive yields every single time. Just add 4 ml per liter of the base nutrients (sold separately) and then 2 ml per liter of the additives customized for and included in each grower bundle.

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