Advanced Nutrients Grow

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Advanced Nutrients Grow
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Advanced Nutrients Grow

Blowout Sale! Offer good while supplies last. Designed for heavy feeding plants grown under high pressure sodium and metal halide lights. Advanced Nutrients Grow (1-1-6) can be custom mixed with Bloom (0-5-4) and Micro (4-0-0) for specific applications by combining the three components to suit the needs of your plants particular growth phase.

The combination of Grow-Micro-Bloom is the strongest and most effective 3-part hydroponics nutrient formula every made.

Available size: 23-Liter

Product Label (PDF)

Use 4 ml per liter during weeks 1 through 6 of your flowering phase, and during all weeks of vegetative growth.

Maintain pH for Hydroponics 5.5 to 5.7
For Sphagnum Moss and Soil 6.2 to 6.4