Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Bundle

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Grand Master Bundle

Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Bundle 1

Buy 2… Get 1 FREE! The Grand Master Bundle is for cash croppers (well experienced individuals with very high yield expectations) and growers who have mastered the Professional Grower Level. It will increase your plant yields an average of 47% over the Hobbyist Level and is part of the Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bigger Yields Flowering System. Each bundle includes (1 liter each):

Bud Factor X – Creates superior yields by triggering plants to manufacture more resins and terpanoids.

Rhino Skin – Provides additional silica to strengthen your plant’s stems, leaves and floral structures. Promotes a stronger resistance in crops to foliar diseases and insects such as spider mites.

Bud Ignitor – Contains specific plant nutrients and kelp (a potent seaweed) to force indoor gardens to start flowering earlier.

Products available to growers at the Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Grower Level use powerful plant enhancers that will increase crop weight and reduce cropping time, and are combined with the nutrients and additives used through the Hobbyist, Expert and Professional Grower Levels. Of course, you will also need to select a pH Perfect Base Nutrient to go with it (Grow-Bloom-Micro, Sensi Grow-Bloom or Connoisseur). Bundle boxes do NOT contain base nutrients.

Feeding charts provided with each bundle box have been developed and refined to give crops optimal nutrient levels and ratios for massive yields every single time. Just add 4 ml per liter of the base nutrients (sold separately) and then 2 ml per liter of the additives customized for and included in each grower bundle.

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