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Local Food

The freshest food is always close to home.

It may seem that processed food rules the agricultural world, but local food sources are making a strong comeback. These articles document the benefits and the possibilities when you decide to know and trust your farmers.

Shopping, Eating Local


The global economy demands we support local business of all kinds.

It's A Small (Farm) World: Organic Growers In Russia


Russian ban on imported meat, milk and produce spurs farm-to-table revolution.

Safe Food At Home


Eating Dangerously discusses the risks, the politics, and the practices that keep meals safe.

Your Grandfather's Apples


Heirloom apple trees yield treasures from the past.

Food Issues and Organic Growing


Is the farm bill money spent on promoting organics and locally grown foods worth it?

Clean Fifteen and The Dirty Dozen List


A guide for selecting pesticide-free produce.

Organic Brewing


Home brewers are growing their own.

Farm-To-Table, GMO Ban News

Food Safety

Supporting locally grown food means supporting local farms; time line of GMO measure.

Our Food, Our Health, Our Gardens


Here's some recent food issues and related topics that have caught our eye here at Planet Natural.

Organics Gain In Farm Bill


Local and organically grown foods, in demand now more than ever, get a nod from legislators.

Contaminated Chicken: Thoughts For Organic Gardeners


Salmonella outbreak emphasizes importance of small producers and homegrown vegetables.

Small Farming Book Hits the Big Time


Growing is business for small, locally sourced, natural livestock producer.