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Put down that bottle and find a safer solution to your insect problems.

It’s easy to think that a few squirts of a chemical will eliminate whatever is destroying your produce. This collection of articles will help you work with natural soil additives, beneficial insects and other strategies to create solutions that will save your plants now and into the future.

GMOS and Pesticides: Votes, Heart Disease & Seed Diversity

Food Safety

Oregon GMO recount, new Roundup study, heritage seeds threatened.

GMO Pesticide "Enlist Duo" Moves Forward, Hawaiian GMO Ban Stopped

Food Safety

Dupont doubles down on spray resistant super weeds.

Clean Fifteen and The Dirty Dozen List


A guide for selecting pesticide-free produce.

Diatomaceous Earth and Bees

Beneficial Insects

This effective, organic pest killer (it's not a poison) won't hurt bees if used wisely.

Bees, Butterflies Both Battling Demise

Beneficial Insects

Pesticide use may leave us a world without pollinators.

Healthy Yards, Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Healthy Lawns

The movement to take the poisons from our lawns is growing.

Herbicide Found In Mother's Milk

Pest Control

Does America's most-used weed killer endanger infants?

Dangerous Herbicide, Dangerous Business


Researchers looking into atrazine targeted by its maker.

Water Purity and Organic Gardening


The small things we do to keep pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals out of our water supply.

Bee Decline and Chemical Companies

Beneficial Insects

Bayer CropScience claims its pesticides aren't involved in colony collapse, blames mites.

Beekeeping, Small Farming, and the Environment


Lessons from the hive about pesticides, organic practice and sustainability.

Is Monsanto's Roundup Killing Our Soil?

Compost & Soil

Our most widely used herbicide is draining the life from the earth.