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Tender green leaves and warming temperatures inspire us to shake off winter and get outside!

Spring means planting seeds and starting garden care that will last all season. See which techniques will give you sturdy plants and a record harvest!

Steps in Transplanting Seedlings

Garden Calendar

How to successfully transplant seedlings into the vegetable garden.

Thinning Plants in Your Garden

Garden Calendar

Tips and techniques for thinning out vegetable seedlings.

Early Spring Vegetables

Garden Calendar

Planting vegetables for a spring and early summer harvest.

Food Foraging 101


Here's our go-to guide for anyone interested in foraging foods for your table.

Forcing Spring Blossoms

Garden Calendar

Bring branches into bloom with these tips for forcing flowering trees and shrubs.

Garden Tasks for March

Garden Calendar

March can test your patience. Our gardener's to-do list will help you cope.

Spring Pruning Guide

Garden Calendar

Here are a few tips to take the mystery out of this early season gardening project.

Spring & Summer Cover Crops

Compost & Soil

How planting an early season cover crop can benefit your organic garden.

Starting Seeds Starts Now!

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February the first marks the kickoff of a new gardening season.

Starting Seeds Indoors

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Starting plants from seed just might be the second most enjoyable act of procreation you’ll ever experience.

Preparing Garden Soil

Compost & Soil

Healthy soil is the basis of healthy plants and a healthy environment.

Playing Plant Jeopardy


Mr. Trebeck, I'll Take Frost Protection for $500.