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Your Grandfather’s Apples

Heirloom apple trees yield treasures from the past.

Fall Soil Preparation

Autumn’s the time to soil test, clean out pests and add amendments.

Living With Compost Tumblers

A years-long relationship yields some composting lessons.

Perfect Cabbage, Organic Miracle

The priceless rewards of growing unblemished cabbage organically.

Winterize Your Vegetable Garden

Cleaning out garden debris also takes out harmful insect eggs and larvae for next season.

Food Issues and Organic Growing

Is the farm bill money spent on promoting organics and locally grown foods worth it?

Gardening Basics: Plant Parts

Knowing the parts and functions of what you grow is key for organic gardeners.

Koi Ponds and Water Gardens

Tips for designing and maintaining garden water features.

Organic Gardening Based on Location

Understanding hardiness zones and growing conditions guarantees success.

What is Gluten? How You Can Garden for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Diets that include organic, home-grown, gluten-free vegetables help those with wheat-protein intolerance.

Elements of Organic Gardening: Composting

Learn how to recycle yard clippings and organic table scraps into rich, soil-building compost.

Clean Fifteen and The Dirty Dozen List

A guide for selecting pesticide-free produce.