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potted venus fly traps

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Blue Orchids: Real and Fake – All Your Questions Answered

Dyed Blue Orchids

Blue orchid flowers have become popular because they are striking. They are available in many places, including some grocery stores, but before you buy one, there are some things you need to know about them. Are Blue Orchids Real? Most true blue dendrobium orchids or blue Phalaenopsis orchids are fake. They are generally Phalaenopsis orchids that have a vibrant blue dye injected into the base of the flower to make their flower petals a vibrant blue. You can often find green orchids or purple orchids that have been dyed at the same places that sell the blue orchid. The unique color dye is permanent for that flower stem. After the dyed flower drops off, you have a white orchid, the original color of the plant. Blue Phalaenopsis orchids are sold for about twice the price of white Phalaenopsis orchids, so most people are very upset to find that they actually have an orchid with white flowers. The blue dye can shorten the life of not only the bloom that is dyed, but the whole plant. It is best not to buy these plants unless you only want to keep them for a few months. Are There Real Blue Orchids? True blue flowers are a hard to find in… Read more

Palmetto Bug Or Cockroach: Differences & How to Kill Them

Palmetto Bug

A palmetto bug is a  common name used to describe various different types of cockroaches. Read on to learn everything you could ever want to know about them (including how to stop them before they take over your home). What Is A Palmetto Bug? The term palmetto bug can refer to three species of cockroaches, depending on where you live. In Florida, the term palmetto bug refers to the Florida woods cockroach. In South Carolina, smoky brown cockroaches are called palmetto bugs. Why Is It Called A Palmetto Bug? Palmetto bugs frequently live in palmetto trees, a tropical plant that grows in the southeastern United States, including Florida and South Carolina. The palmetto bug also lives in other places where there is moisture and the rotting vegetation and wood they feed on. What is the difference between a cockroach and a palmetto bug? The term “palmetto bug” is used for three types of cockroaches: American cockroaches (Periplaneta Americana) are called palmetto bugs in the southeastern part of the United States. Florida has the Florida woods cockroach (Eurycotis floridana). South Carolina calls the smokybrown cockroach (Periplaneta fuligionsa) a palmetto bug. While cockroaches are beneficial insects outside that provide food for animals… Read more