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Butterfly Gardening Resource Guide

Attracting and benefiting from our most beautiful pollinators.

Organic Gardening Pest Control

Natural solutions for stopping pests without harmful pesticides.

Many Benefits of Sensory Gardens

Appealing to the senses with flowers, shrubs, herbs and other landscape features.

The Truth Behind Food Labeling

There’s a movement to make organic and natural food labels mean something.

Diatomaceous Earth and Bees

This effective, organic pest killer (it’s not a poison) won’t hurt bees if used wisely.

Save Water On Your Lawn

Tips for using less water when city restrictions demand it.

Organic Control of Aphids

One of the most destructive pests in the home garden, aphids are also one of the most fascinating. Understand them to stop them.

Organic Brewing

Home brewers are growing their own.

Mulch Hits the Big Screen

Documentary film on master gardener Paul Gautschi’s got the spirit.

Growing Community’s Common Discourse

Reason, passion, civility in the (online) organic movement.

Early Season Vegetables

Cool season, spring harvest, cold crop vegetables are among the year’s most enjoyable.

Avoiding Water Stressed Plants

Make sure your plants don’t receive too little or too much water.