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Every celebration centers around great food.

Here’s our collection of articles to help you enjoy the harvest all year long with family and friends — and at every single holiday.

Gardener's New Year Resolutions


Gardening practice, like the garden itself, can always be improved. We resolve to do more, do better.

Winter In the Garden


May your holiday season, like your gardening season, be joyous.

Ornamental Berries for the Holidays

Garden Calendar

Red holly and ornamental berries of all hues bring color to winter gardens.

Natural Organic Holiday Shopping ... for Kids!


Gardening gifts for children; fun, educational, and great for the entire family.

Small Business = Local Business


The value of locally owned businesses to our communities, to ourselves.



Dried, carved or used in centerpieces, gourds from the garden bring color, cheer to the Thanksgiving season.

The Great (Heirloom) Pumpkin


Varieties of pumpkins for carving, eating or both!

New Year's Resolutions


Here's our top ten New Year’s gardening and organic lifestyle resolutions.

Seasons Gleanings


This year, despite dark and discouraging events, we can easily call out those things which give us the greatest gift of all -- hope.

Last Minute Local Shopping


All the pluses of shopping local are magnified during the holiday season.

Poinsettias Past Christmas


Caring for poinsettia plants after the holidays.

Live Christmas Trees

Garden Calendar

How to care for a living tree to replant after Christmas.