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Our gardens and yards are strands in a huge web connecting all living creatures.

Caring for the environment starts with thoughtful decisions at home about chemicals that could impact pollinating insects, wildlife, water sources and more. Read more to see how small changes add up to a healthier world.

Water Purity and Organic Gardening


The small things we do to keep pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals out of our water supply.

Winter Gardening


Protecting garden soil and starting vegetable seed outdoors in the dead of winter.

Winter In the Garden


May your holiday season, like your gardening season, be joyous.

Bee Decline and Chemical Companies

Beneficial Insects

Bayer CropScience claims its pesticides aren't involved in colony collapse, blames mites.

Natural Insect Control With Bats

Bugs & Thugs

Bats feed on pests from cucumber beetles to termites. Put them to work for you.

GMOs, Hyperobjects & Great Grandma's Diet


How to think about food, both wholesome and genetically modified.

Beekeeping, Small Farming, and the Environment


Lessons from the hive about pesticides, organic practice and sustainability.

Is Monsanto's Roundup Killing Our Soil?

Compost & Soil

Our most widely used herbicide is draining the life from the earth.

Manure, Antibiotics, Compost


Keeping livestock-generated super bacteria out of your organic garden.

Pesticides and Unintended Consequences


The effects of chemical spraying on the environment runs deep.

Dangerous Roadside Spraying


When killing weeds meant killing game birds.

Florida's Indian River: What's Going On?


Mystery ailment in Florida estuary killing manatees, dolphins and pelicans.