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Local Food

The freshest food is always close to home.

It may seem that processed food rules the agricultural world, but local food sources are making a strong comeback. These articles document the benefits and the possibilities when you decide to know and trust your farmers.

Sustainable Farming, Soil and Big Agriculture


The growth of small farms, organic crops, and locally sourced foods.

Why You'll Always Have To Grow Tomatoes


... or buy them from your small, local organic farmer.

Sweet Corn: Hybrid and Heritage


What's the difference between homegrown sweet corn and store-bought? Taste!

Food Foraging 101


Here's our go-to guide for anyone interested in foraging foods for your table.

Organic Tomatoes = More Nutrition


The latest information on healthy, heirloom, organically raised tomatoes. Grow them yourself!

Permaculture: Local and Sustainable


How to put natural, sustainable gardening principles to use in your own backyard.

Heartened In the Heartland


We just returned from a tour of the heartland that gave perspective to the state of midwest farming.

Homegrown Tomato Time


Whether heirlooms or hybrids, tomatoes from your garden taste best.

The Stanford Study: Storm Over Organics


The controversy generated by the Stanford organic food study continues to grow.

Organic Food: New Study, Bad Reporting


To make the conclusion that the Stanford researchers did, let alone what headline writers did with it, is dishonest.

Free at the Farmers' Market: Advice


It's reassuring that farmer's markets are alive and well in this age of industrial agriculture and processed food.

Knee High In Corn


Sweet corn has a long organic growing history in the U.S. GMOs? Are you kidding?