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12 Beneficial Plants for Natural Pest Control in Your Garden

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Instead of using harmful pesticides in your garden to control pests, consider incorporating beneficial plants that naturally deter them.

These beneficial plants offer natural pest control and add beauty and diversity to your garden. 

From marigolds to mint, there are numerous options to choose from. These natural pest control options let you enjoy a healthier and more sustainable garden while also doing your part for the environment.



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These cheerful flowers can attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and parasitic wasps, which can help control pests like aphids and caterpillars.



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The strong scent of mint repels many pests, such as ants, fleas, and mice. You can plant mint around your garden or in containers near entryways to keep pests at bay. Alternatively, you can make a natural pest spray by crushing fresh mint leaves and mixing them with water. Just be aware that mint can be invasive, so it’s best to plant it in a container or separate area to prevent it from taking over your entire garden.



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Lemongrass is a grass that is native to Asia. It is commonly used in cooking and in insect repellents because of its strong lemony scent, which mosquitoes and other insects find offensive



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These beautiful, bright flowers are a natural insect repellent and can be used to control nematodes, whiteflies, and other pests. They contain a compound called pyrethrin, which is a natural insecticide.



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Basil is a culinary herb that is also effective at repelling mosquitoes, flies, and other insects and can deter aphids, spider mites, and other pests. It contains a compound called linalool, which has insecticidal properties.



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These pretty flowers contain a natural insecticide called pyrethrum, which is effective against many insects, including ants, roaches, and ticks. 



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This fragrant plant repels moths, fleas, and flies while attracting beneficial insects like bees and butterflies to your garden. It contains a compound called linalool, known to have insecticidal properties.



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These colorful flowers can help repel whiteflies, aphids, and squash bugs and attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings.



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Catnip is an herb that is known for its ability to attract cats. It is also effective at repelling mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. Catnip contains a compound called nepetalactone, which is known to have insecticidal properties.



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Dill is an herb commonly used in cooking. It is also effective at repelling mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. Dill contains a compound called anethole, which is known to have insecticidal properties. This herb also attracts beneficial insects like wasps and ladybugs, which can help control pest populations in your garden.



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This pungent bulb can repel a wide range of pests, including aphids, slugs, and Japanese beetles.



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This fragrant herb repels various pests, including mosquitoes, bean beetles, and carrot flies. It contains a compound called camphor, known to have insecticidal properties.

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