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Beat the Winter Chill with These 12 Indoor Planting Ideas

Craft a terrarium wonderland

Winter blues got you down? Fear not, fellow plant enthusiasts! Dive into the joy of indoor gardening with these 12 delightful projects that will keep your green thumb busy all season long. From charming succulent fairy gardens to growing your microgreens, there’s something for every plant lover. Beat the winter chill and bring the outdoors in with these creative and engaging indoor gardening ventures!

Craft a Terrarium Wonderland

Craft a terrarium wonderland

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Indulge your creativity with a terrarium wonderland. Pro tip: Choose a clear glass container to observe the layers of soil, rocks, and plants. Add miniature figurines or tiny animals for a whimsical touch, turning your terrarium into a captivating indoor oasis.

Build a Succulent Wall Garden

Build a succulent wall garden

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Create a visually striking focal point in your living space with a succulent wall garden. Use a shadow box to organize and display an array of succulents, ensuring your masterpiece remains intact and captivating. Pro tip: Select a variety of succulents with different colors and textures to add depth to your vertical garden. Additionally, ensure proper drainage in the shadow box to prevent overwatering and maintain the health of your succulents.

Germinate Seeds

Germinate seeds

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Jumpstart the gardening season by germinating seeds indoors. An effective hack is repurposing an egg carton as a makeshift seed tray—a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative. Fill each compartment with a potting mix, plant your seeds, and watch them sprout. Cover the carton with plastic wrap or a plastic dome to maintain a conducive environment to create a mini greenhouse effect. This DIY approach not only accelerates seed germination but also reduces waste.

Grow Microgreens

Grow microgreens

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Cut down on grocery expenses by cultivating microgreens at home. Place your microgreen kit near a sunny window for optimal growth, and rotate it regularly to ensure even exposure to sunlight. Hack: Cover the seeds with a damp paper towel to enhance germination until they sprout. Once they reach the desired height, harvest them by snipping them just above the soil level. This way, you’ll have a fresh and continuous supply of nutrient-packed microgreens for your meals.

Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor herb garden

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Embrace the winter chill by establishing an indoor herb garden. Make the process creative by labeling your herbs with painted rocks, adding an artistic touch to your kitchen garden. Choose a bright, sunny spot, like a windowsill, for your herb haven. Hack: Group herbs with similar watering needs together to simplify maintenance. With your indoor herb garden, you’ll have a convenient and aromatic source of fresh herbs for culinary endeavors throughout the winter.

Learn to Propagate Plants

Learn to propagate plants

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Impress your gardening circle and save money by mastering the art of propagating plants from cuttings. A helpful hack is to dip the cuttings in honey before planting—honey acts as a natural rooting hormone, promoting successful propagation. Ensure the cuttings receive adequate moisture and light during the rooting process. This skill allows you to multiply your plant collection and share the greenery with fellow enthusiasts.

Make Homemade Bird Feeders

Make homemade bird feeders

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Entice feathered friends to your backyard with DIY bird feeders. Enhance your feeder by adding a pinch of red pepper flakes to the birdseed mix; this provides a nutritional boost and deters squirrels. Get creative with materials like repurposed milk cartons or craft a birdseed wreath using a bundt cake pan for a unique touch. Watching birds flock to your handmade feeders adds a delightful and natural element to your indoor view.

Plan Your Spring Garden

Plan your spring garden

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Combat winter blues by planning your spring garden. Utilize online garden planning tools for a virtual garden tour, allowing you to experiment with layouts and plant placements. Reflect on the previous gardening season, identify successful strategies, and consider experimenting with new plant varieties. This proactive planning ensures a seamless transition into the warmer months, with a well-thought-out garden waiting to bloom.

Regrow Veggies From Scraps

Regrow veggies from scraps

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Transform kitchen scraps into thriving gardens by regrowing vegetables. Elevate the aesthetic by placing regrowing veggies in decorative pots, turning your kitchen scraps into an eye-catching kitchen garden. Experiment with celery, lettuce, and green onions by placing the cut ends in water until roots appear. Once established, transfer them to soil for continuous growth. This sustainable practice minimizes food waste and provides a fresh supply of homegrown produce.

Start a Miniature Moss Garden

Start a miniature moss garden

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of a miniature moss garden. Create a simple version with a drill, decorative pebbles, potting mix, and a ceramic dish. Enhance the enchantment by adding tiny LED fairy lights for a magical glow during cozy winter evenings. The low-maintenance nature of moss makes it an ideal indoor green companion. Place your moss garden in indirect light and water sparingly for a captivating and calming addition to your indoor environment.

Create a Succulent Fairy Garden

Create a succulent fairy garden

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Unleash your inner child by crafting a succulent fairy garden. Transform broken planter pots into charming landscape features within your fairy garden. Combine succulents, rocks, moss, and miniature accessories like cottages and fairytale critters. Encourage creativity by involving children in this project. The whimsical charm of a succulent fairy garden brings a touch of fantasy to your indoor space, making it a delightful escape during the winter months.

Nurture an Avocado Pit Plant

Nurture an avocado pit plant

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Transform kitchen scraps into a thriving avocado pit plant. Hack: Pierce the pit with toothpicks and suspend it over a glass of water, ensuring the water level stays consistent. Once roots develop, transplant them into the soil for a beautiful, low-maintenance indoor plant.


Don’t let winter dampen your gardening spirits! These indoor projects are a fantastic way to keep the green vibes alive. Whether building a succulent masterpiece or planning your spring garden, each activity adds a touch of nature to your indoor space. So, roll up your sleeves, dive into these simple projects, and enjoy the greenery inside your home. They’re not just a remedy for winter blues but also a delightful way to nurture your love for plants until the warmth of spring returns.


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