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Vegetable Gardens

There’s few things more rewarding than growing vegetables in your own backyard. The fresh taste of a vine ripened tomato or snap pea harvested at its flavorful peak is second to none. Vegetable gardens are a great family activity, one that provides rewarding outdoor exercise. And knowing that your organically-grown veggies carry none of the risks of today’s commercial, factory-farm produce can be priceless.

To ensure you raise the best-tasting, most nutritious food for your family — in ways that make your garden as safe and healthy as it can be — takes planning, know-how and experience. Click the blog articles here for information on locating your new garden plot, improving soil health, selecting the best vegetable varieties for your growing conditions, and caring for your plants — naturally! — all the way to harvest.

Share ideas or ask specific questions over at our Vegetable Garden Forum. Planet Natural’s community of avid gardeners can help.

Shell Bean


Heirloom "cooking beans" are nutritious, delicious, and easy to grow.

Perfect Cabbage, Organic Miracle


The priceless rewards of growing unblemished cabbage organically.

What is Gluten? How You Can Garden for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Food Safety

Diets that include organic, home-grown, gluten-free vegetables help those with wheat-protein intolerance.

Early Season Vegetables

Garden Calendar

Cool season, spring harvest, cold crop vegetables are among the year's most enjoyable.

Head Lettuce


Harder to grow and less nutritious than leaf varieties, organic head lettuce is still a thing of beauty.

No-Till Vegetable Gardening

Compost & Soil

How working less makes growing easy (and maybe better).

Sowing Seeds Directly In the Garden


The spring ritual of preparing soil and planting garden seed puts us in touch with both the past and the future.

Jerusalem Artichoke


These toot-sweet (ha!) tubers, also known as sunchokes, are a healthy addition at meal time.

Grow Organic Potatoes


Keep pesticides off your dinner table by growing your own chemical-free, heirloom potatoes.

Vegetables Not To Start Indoors

Garden Calendar

. . . and why (plus how) to raise these plants indoors anyway.

Growing the Perfect Radish


Radishes are great for getting kids started with gardening. Here are tips to assure success.

Patience When Planting Peas: The Payoff


Wait for the right soil temperatures and conditions before sowing pea seeds.