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Tomato Gardens

The Holy Grail of gardening is plucking a juicy, sun-kissed fruit right from the vine.

We’ve collected the master tips on growing tomatoes and put them all right here. Fulfill your quest of growing the perfect tomato each year with help from articles on planting, pruning, tending and harvesting your crops, along with advice on the best tools you’ll need.

Tomato Gardening 101: What's the Best Soil for Tomatoes?

Garden Design

How to plant, grow and harvest the best organic and heirloom tomatoes in your own backyard.

Can You Compost Tomatoes?


Keep tomato plants out of the landfill? Or keep tomato diseases out of your garden? It's not always simple.

Tomato Planting Tips & Techniques

Garden Calendar

How to best plant tomatoes for a healthy start and a bumper crop.

Tomato Gardening Guru - How to Grow Tomatoes


Welcome to Planet Natural’s go-to guide for growing juicy, extra flavorful, organic tomatoes in your own backyard.

Tomato Patrol

Bugs & Thugs

Organic tomato pest control means watching out for a fat green worm -- with a horn!

Genetically Modified Tomatoes... Really?

Food Safety

The Flavr Savr tomato, grown in Mexico and poorly packed and shipped, often arrived in American markets as soup.

Tomatoes & Basil: How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Garden Design

Companion plants for tomatoes -- not always a perfect pair!

Organic Tomatoes = More Nutrition


The latest information on healthy, heirloom, organically raised tomatoes. Grow them yourself!



Nothing beats the taste of a fresh, vine ripened heirloom tomato grown in your own garden.

Precautions When Canning Tomatoes


Water-bath canning techniques may no longer be safe.

Homegrown Tomato Time


Whether heirlooms or hybrids, tomatoes from your garden taste best.

Tomatoes: Taste? Or Color?


Why does a commercial tomato not taste as great as a homegrown heirloom?