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Our gardens and yards are strands in a huge web connecting all living creatures.

Caring for the environment starts with thoughtful decisions at home about chemicals that could impact pollinating insects, wildlife, water sources and more. Read more to see how small changes add up to a healthier world.

Take Action To Save Pollinators

Beneficial Insects

Plants that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden can help save them.

Bees In Peril

Beneficial Insects

Bee deaths accelerate again this year. Why are they dying at such an alarming rate?

Roundup Linked To Cancer, Monsanto Throws Hissy-Fit


World Health Organization review of pesticide used on GMOs attacked.

World Health Organization Links Roundup and Cancer


New glyphosate review finds it a probable cause of lymphoma, chromosome damage.

Economics, Water Drives Soil Conservation Farming

Compost & Soil

No-till, reduced pesticide and herbicide, cover crop farming methods on the grow.

Rewilding Your Home Landscape


Gardening with nature in mind's new buzz word.

Factory Farm Pigs and Food Safety


Cruel, contained hog raising threatens our health and the environment.

BPA Water Bottle Substitute Worse Than BPA


Chemicals in plastic water bottles continue to threaten health.

Butterflies, Bees, Organic Corn

Beneficial Insects

... and other good gardening news for the New Year.

Soil Health: The New, Sustainable Green Revolution


The world is learning the value of improving soils and growing without chemicals.

How Do Earthworms Survive Winter?


Worm slime not only helps keep the worm warm during winter, it's a boon to the soil.

Household Cleaners and Child Poisonings


Reduce risks by properly storing and using safe, non-toxic soaps and detergents.