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Dandelion Greens

How to grow bitter herbs — dandelion, milk thistle, goldenseal, and more — organically.

Butterflies, Bees, Organic Corn

… and other good gardening news for the New Year.

Pest Prevention, Soil Testing

… and other garden tasks we should have done this past year.

The Spirit of Gardening

Gardens nourish the soul as well as the body.

Is the Christmas Cactus A Succulent?

How to grow this holiday favorite, and other cactus and succulents, indoors.

Soil Health: The New, Sustainable Green Revolution

The world is learning the value of improving soils and growing without chemicals.

Food Safety … Who’s Paying Attention?

New pork program calling for quicker, less thorough inspection creates issues.

Pea Shoots

Grow your own pea, sunflower and other shoots for the kitchen table.

Keeping Mice From Your Compost Heap

Mice in your compost bin can be a problem year-round, but especially in the winter.

Organic Lawns, Healthy Soil

Healthy soil that’s rich in microbial life saves you money, time and effort.

Bring the Kitchen Garden Indoors

Elizabeth Millard’s new book teaches us how to grow herbs, greens and sprouts inside during winter months.

How Do Earthworms Survive Winter?

Worm slime not only helps keep the worm warm during winter, it’s a boon to the soil.