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13 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans (By Type of Greenhouse)

13 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans

Do you dream of growing your own tomatoes, herbs, and vegetables all year long? Then a DIY greenhouse is what you need! Having your own greenhouse can help you extend the growing season and allow you to enjoy your favorite hobby even during winter and cold climate!

Sure, you can buy a greenhouse kit and go with that, but there’s nothing like being able to build your own DIY greenhouse and customize it according to your budget and needs. It’s not only satisfying but incredibly rewarding and will allow you to have the backyard greenhouse of your dreams!

Greenhouses keep seedlings and plants warm in the winter and cool in the summer, allowing you to enjoy your favorite hobby all year.

The list of free greenhouse plans contains all the information you need to build your ideal greenhouse in any size and style, including diagrams, illustrations, photos, written building instructions, frame materials, and tools.

Building a DIY greenhouse may almost always be more affordable to finish on a budget than purchasing a premade version, depending on what size you want especially if you can find recycled materials such as old windows, used glass panels, and more.

We’ve shared 13 free DIY greenhouse plans in this article and broken them into sections based on the 7 different types of greenhouses you can go for. We’re sure you’re going to find one that’s perfect for your budget and needs.

So here are the top 13 DIY greenhouse projects and plans divided into sections based on the 7 different types of greenhouses:

1. Lean-To Greenhouse

This category includes greenhouses that are built against the side of a building or attached to one side of an existing structure. The greenhouse walls can be used as one side of the greenhouse or placed between two buildings.

With lean-to greenhouses, you only have to cover the roof and three or two sides with greenhouse sheeting material to create a complete enclosure.

Most lean-to greenhouses and window-mounted greenhouses are no taller than 12 feet and can only accommodate one or two rows of plants. You can, however, extend it against a longer wall while ensuring it receives adequate sunlight.

It’s a great design that allows you to be near amenities such as water and electricity from the main building and usually costs less in materials since the structure is typically smaller.


Free DIY Lean-To Greenhouse Plan by Garden Plans Free

Use this incredible lean-to greenhouse plan by Garden Plans Free to make your own DIY greenhouse. You can easily attach it to an existing building, or garden shed, or even place it on one corner of your property. This guide and plan details all the material you’ll need, as well as tips and tricks for when you’re out and about shopping for all your DIY supplies. It’s a straightforward plan that’ll give great results.

Get it for free here.

DIY Lean-To Greenhouse Plan by My Outdoor Plans

Here’s another great design by My Outdoor Plans that can be done from start to finish in just one weekend. This free plan lists out everything you’ll need and is simple enough to try your hand at even if it’s your first time working with wood. It mainly uses 2×4 and 2×2 framing lumber.

Get it for free here.

Low-cost DIY Lean-to Greenhouse Plan by Instructables

This greenhouse was built for less than $200 in Vancouver, Canada! It uses low-cost material for a great design that you can lean against your house or any other building on your property. It is built from a polythene sheet stapled over a frame of 1″ x 2″ fir, 8-foot lengths, and the tutorial is incredibly simple and easy to follow.

Get it for free here.

2. Barn Style Greenhouse

Barn Style DIY Greenhouse

Barn Style DIY Greenhouse by Ana White

If you’re thinking about aesthetics and want a barn-style greenhouse that’s freestanding, looks great, and gets the job done, then this category is perfect for you. This is a more traditional-looking design that is based more on aesthetics than other ones listed in this article.

It has a symmetrical design and this greenhouse design allows space to grow a few plants at a relatively low cost for heating and cooling. You can house more plants than with the lean-to style and it can provide insulation from the elements.

Free DIY Barnstyle Greenhouse Plan by Ana White

This stunning freestanding barn-style greenhouse plan by Ana White has inspired many variations over the years, and for a good reason! It’s easy to make, can be adapted to a bigger size, and looks incredible. This plan includes a complete shopping list along with step by step guide to help you build the perfect DIY greenhouse.

Get it for free here.

Easy DIY Barn Greenhouse Plan by My Outdoor Plans

This plan features detailed instructions for building a barn-shaped 10×12 greenhouse that you’re going to fall in love with. My Outdoor Plans have designed the plans to keep the costs under control and to involve the least amount of work possible. These are, by far, one of the easiest barn greenhouse plans you’ll find on the internet.

Get it for free here.

Simple DIY Barn Style Greenhouse Plan by BuildEazy 

If you’re looking for a design that is built easy materials that are incredibly easy to find, then this plan by BuildEazy is perfect for you. With step-by-step instructions, picture illustrations, and tips every step of the way, it’s going to be one of the easiest and most fun projects you’ll ever do!

Get it for free here.

3. A-Frame Greenhouses

a-frame greenhouse

A-frame Greenhouses are a type of structure that consists of a triangular frame with the apex pointing upwards. The structure is usually supported by a foundation or legs that can be accessed from the ground. Due to their increased surface area exposed to sunlight, they have been used in the construction of heating ducts and greenhouse tunnels to improve mass transfer for plants.

They are well-known for their ability to be constructed permanently on-site. They are easy to build and don’t need many tools. This makes them one of the easiest greenhouses for anyone to build.

The aesthetic appeal of an A-frame greenhouse has led many to consider it better than other greenhouse designs. Each triangle can stand on its own and can be made longer or shorter as needed. This makes them ideal for growing a wide variety of plants in a small space.

DIY A-Frame Greenhouse Plan (With Video) by Field to Farm

This incredible A-frame greenhouse plan can be built from scratch with materials that cost less than $200! This can be easily adapted to make a bigger or longer greenhouse and is simple enough for newbies to try their hand at as well. This full tutorial is incredibly handy, especially for the visual learners out there. This is also the perfect design to adapt into a mini greenhouse if you’re looking for a small DIY greenhouse design.

Get it for free here.

4. Gable Greenhouses

gable greenhouse

Greenhouses with gable roofs are among the most common types of greenhouses because they receive the most sunlight while also providing a large area inside the structure for growing a large number of plants.

You can move around freely inside while taking care of your plants on the one hand because of the flat walls and higher roof.

The design is quite straightforward, so you should have little trouble constructing it yourself. But building it takes more work than building other types of greenhouses. Depending on the frame and cladding materials, the construction costs can also be quite reasonable.

The wind will have a greater impact on the side walls that are wider and flatter because they are exposed to the wind. However, the fact that the structure has a skeleton makes it more durable. But, of course, this depends on the frame and cladding materials.

Free DIY Polythene Gable Greenhouse Plan by BuildEazy

This free greenhouse plan from BuildEasy is constructed primarily with 2-by-4-inch wood studs. You can find shopping lists, directions, and diagrams for building a greenhouse by going through this free online plan. There are also pictures of greenhouses that other people have built using this simple plan.

Get it for free here.

Free DIY 16-foot Gable Greenhouse Plan by How To Specialist

You’ll find everything you need in this How To Specialist free greenhouse plan to construct a 16-foot-long greenhouse that’s ideal for your backyard. Along with written instructions, this free greenhouse plan features numerous diagrams and illustrations.

5. Quonset Greenhouses

Quonset Greenhouse

Quonset greenhouses (also known as a hoop house) are semi-circular structures that resemble large, clear barrels cut in half. This structure has a curved roof and is designed in the style of a military hut.

For better insulation, pulleys are typically constructed from PVC or aluminum pipes and covered in polyethylene panels or film. Storage space and headroom are somewhat constrained by the side walls.

Since these components are easily disassembled and reassembled, you can relocate your greenhouse as needed in most situations.

If you intend to relocate the greenhouse, use temporary connectors such as bolts or screws, or drill holes in the pipes and zip-tie them together so that it can be reassembled later. Depending on how small the greenhouse is, you might be able to move it in one piece.

Free DIY Quonset PVC Greenhouse Plan by PVC Plans

Here’s a free PVC pipe-based quonset greenhouse plan from PVC Plans. When you download the free greenhouse PDF plan, you will receive a material list, diagrams, and written instructions. If you’re just getting started with greenhouse gardening, this is an excellent choice.

Get it for free here.

Free 32-foot Quonset Greenhouse Plan by Florida Gardener

If you’re looking to build a Quonset greenhouse but want a plan that goes for a bigger design, then this is a great one to start with. It includes a material list, along with step-by-step instructions and illustrations to make the job extra easy for you! It’s a really nice size greenhouse with tons of space for all your planters and pots.

Get it for free here.

6. Gothic Arch Greenhouses

gothic arch greenhouse

The design is influenced by the windows of Gothic cathedrals from around the world. It has bent walls that form a pointed roof.

These greenhouses are similar to quonset greenhouses, but they are stronger and have more room for air space. They are easier and less expensive to build than traditional greenhouses.

The Gothic arch design is well-known for its ability to withstand high winds and snowfall. The roof’s half-teardrop shape is perfect for letting snow and rain fall easily and preventing damage from heavy precipitation or residue buildup.

The Gothic greenhouse doesn’t require any structural beams because of its arched roof. In addition to lowering costs, this method speeds up and simplifies construction while using fewer materials.

Free DIY Gothic Arch Greenhouse Plan by Bountea

Coming across the perfect gothic arch greenhouse plan might be tricky, but we’ve got you covered. This free one by Bountea lists out everything you’ll need along with step-by-step instructions to help you build the gothic greenhouse of your dreams.

Get it for free here.

7. Geodome Greenhouses

geo dome greenhouse

DIY Geodome Greenhouse by Northern Homestead

Geodome greenhouses are a unique and eye-catching way to grow plants in your backyard. They are constructed from curved panels that form a dome shape, providing plenty of space for plants to thrive. The geodome design is also incredibly strong and can withstand heavy winds and snowfall.

The curved panels provide excellent insulation, allowing the greenhouse to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Free DIY Geodome Greenhouse Plan by Instructables

This free geodome greenhouse plan from Instructables is a great way to get started with this unique design. It includes detailed instructions and illustrations, as well as a list of materials you’ll need to complete the project.

Get it for free here.

DIY Geodome Greenhouse Plan by Northern Homestead

Using this plan, you can construct a geodome greenhouse that is lightweight yet secure, absorbs a great deal of light, has a large amount of growing space on the ground, and makes quite an impression. You can build it with the help of a materials list, a tools list, written instructions, diagrams, and pictures that are included in this free DIY greenhouse plan.

Get it for free here.