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Container Gardening Tips

Whether you're new to planting in pots or a seasoned expert, our collection of 25 container gardening tips should help. Enjoy!

Potted Plants1. As a general rule, thinner leaved plants need more water, and thicker leaved plants will need less.

2. Consider growing dwarf varieties, they are almost always perfectly happy in containers.

3. Garlic, leeks and shallots make great container gardening plants. They have very few insect and disease problems, have shallow roots and take up very little space.

4. Plants should be sized to the container and containers should be sized to the area.

5. If you live in a hot climate use light-colored containers. This reduces heat absorption and helps keep roots cool.

6. Seed saving is fairly easy to do and it’s a great way to stretch your gardening budget!

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7. Plan ahead when planting a tree in a pot. Think how big it will grow in several years and if the container you chose is big enough to support it.

8. Mulching prevents water loss! Use mulch if your plants are water sensitive or are in the hot sun all day.

9. If you’re bored to tears with your containers, try painting them! Choose a non-toxic, waterproof paint, and colors that will hold up in the sun.

10. Mix slow-release organic fertilizers with your potting mix to keep plants growing and blooming all season long.

11. Plants native to your area are lower maintenance. They are naturally adapted to the pre-existing conditions.

12. Early morning and right around sunset are the best times to water, it decreases water loss through evaporation.

13. Ivy is a great container plant as it’s very easy to grow. It’s perfect for covering ordinary walls.

14. When selecting a planter, remember anything that holds soil and drains can be used. Be creative!

15. Plant low growing or cascading flowers around the outside of a tall leafy plant. The effect is lovely!

16. If you have large heavy pots, place them on a small platform with wheels. They will be much easier to move throughout the season.

17. Select a simple pot to showcase an exotic looking plant or a flashy pot to make an ordinary plant stand out.

18. Not sure what color to use in your landscape? White is very eye-catching and goes with everything.

19. Remember that nutrients are leeched out of the soil every time you water – watch closely for any sign of deficiencies.

20. Try putting your hanging plants on pulleys for easy watering. They look really cool too!

21. If containers rest on the ground without saucers they won’t drain as well – consider placing the pots on a bench or just resting on a few bricks.

22. When planting containers, fill them with soil to within one inch of the top to allow room for watering.

23. Harvest your container peas often; it encourages the plant to produce more of them.

24. Have a shady, neglected corner of your house? Try sprucing it up with ferns or other shade loving plants.

25. Bamboo or ivy on a trellis can make a natural curtain that provides privacy for a deck or patio.

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2 Responses to “Container Gardening Tips”

  1. Petula on May 20th, 2014 at 5:58 pm #

    So glad I’ve found your blog (It popped up as a suggestion on Facebook), I’ve already learned something from my first visit. Thanks.

  2. Tina on August 20th, 2018 at 3:12 am #

    Planning to add some flowering plants in containers too, this article is such a big help. I will be adding mine too.