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Bugs & Thugs

Preparation and prevention will help keep your garden from being a smorgasbord for unwanted visitors!

Insect pests and destructive wildlife can demolish a garden in no time. Find out how to use integrated pest management, natural controls and clever barriers to protect your plants!

Palmetto Bug Or Cockroach: Differences & How to Kill Them

Bugs & Thugs

A palmetto bug is a  common name used to describe various different types of cockroaches. Read on to learn everything ...

Baby Bed Bugs: How to Identify & Get Rid of Them - Photos + FAQ

Bugs & Thugs

Eek! Imagine stumbling upon baby bed bugs in your home - it's enough to make your skin crawl! But brace ...

What Do Ladybugs Eat? Complete Guide to Ladybug Diet

Beneficial Insects

You may be wondering “what do ladybugs eat?” Ladybugs feed on a wide variety of small insects and insect eggs. ...

How to Keep Deer Out of the Garden (Top 5 Foolproof Methods)

Bugs & Thugs

How to keep Bambi away with barriers and natural deer repellents.

How to Do Crop Rotations in Your Home Garden in Four Steps

Bugs & Thugs

Rotate crops to control disease, weeds, and pests while boosting soil quality.

Natural Born Pest Killers

Bugs & Thugs

The best pest controls are the safest. Here's how to stop bugs without harmful chemicals.

Causes of Plant Stress

Bugs & Thugs

How lack of water, poor soil and other plant stresses make your garden vulnerable to pests and disease.

Gardening Reality Check

Bugs & Thugs

No one said gardening is a bed of roses.

Be Ready For Garden Pests

Bugs & Thugs

Preventive measures now stop insect pests and disease problems later.

Contaminated Potting Soil and Compost

Bugs & Thugs

Bagged soils can contain herbicides, gnats and other unsavory problems.

Gardening with Chickens

Bugs & Thugs

Natural fertilizer and pest control from the birds that give us eggs and companionship.

Pest Prevention, Soil Testing

Bugs & Thugs

... and other garden tasks we should have done this past year.