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Flower Gardens

Whether you’re planting bulbs, annuals or perennials, flower gardens add a beautiful splash of color throughout the season. While growing flowers is not difficult, there are many factors that must be considered prior to planting. The more closely these plans are based on meeting the needs of your plants, the more likely you are to be successful. Click on the blog articles below for ideas, tips, guides and more.

Designing A Flower Bed

Flower Gardens

What to consider when planning borders and flower garden designs.

Late Season Bulb Planting


Tips and techniques for planting your favorite fall flower bulbs.

Gardening Basics: Plant Parts

Flower Gardens

Knowing the parts and functions of what you grow is key for organic gardeners.

Starting Annual Flowers Indoors

Flower Gardens

Raising your own flowering annuals gives you variety, cost savings and home-grown quality.

Forcing Bulbs for Winter Color -- Indoors


Planning and proper planting can put beautiful blossoms in your home for the holidays.

Plant Bulbs In Containers for Spring Flowers


Fall is the time to set lilies and other bulb plants in pots for indoor and outdoor blossoms.

Summer Flowers For Color

Flower Gardens

Here's how to keep beautiful annual and perennial flowers blooming in your garden all season long.

Lovin' Daisies

Container Gardens

How to grow all kinds of daisies in the garden or in pots.


Flower Gardens

Planting, growing and caring for old-fashioned peonies.

Edible Flowers

Flower Gardens

Blossoms you can eat add visual appeal to salads as well as flower beds.

Garden Planning and Design

Flower Gardens

Design your best gardens ever with our eye-catching tips, ideas and plant recommendations.

Seasonal Garden Care


Garden care is a year-round activity, its rhythms dictated by seasonal conditions and local climates.